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Remedial insomnia Chinese traditional medicine obtains historic breakthrough
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It is reported: Develop by Chinese medicine academy, domestic and international authoritative medium gives height the opinion, the remedy that replaces groovy sleeping pill exclusively Chinese traditional medicine -- dragon jujube capsule comes out successfully, its occurrence captured insomnia this one cosmopolitan difficult problem.

As social responsibility strengthen, promote ceaselessly to individual ability demand, people pressure also is increased subsequently, it is insomnia, much dream, Yi Xing, difficult to fall asleep, be perturbed fretted, spirit is depressed wait for all sorts of sleep-disorder to become the healthy issue that perplexes modern.

Its affect the creativity thinking of cerebrum not only, still can bring about skin consenescence speed to accelerate, immune force drops; More serious because Morpheus is not worth hypertensive, rhythm of the heart disease of blood-vessel of wrong, head, diabetic, nephrosis following sb's heels and come! And newest research shows: The mortality that brings about because of Morpheus disease shows ascendant trend of year after year, so insomnia makes the number one formidable enemy of modern health!

  Normally people often is depended on take sleeping pill to come hypnotic.

Solid test and verify is solid: The Morpheus that sleeping pill place causes can not replace true natural Morpheus, mufti still can make hypnotic effect wear off, the patient needs to increase dosage ability to achieve original curative effect ceaselessly.

The person that become addiction increases ceaselessly, became the person depend on of medicaments, getting the harm of poisonous side-effect, however cannot help doing sth.

Medicine considers to confirm: Because insecurity is excessive,primary crucial reason of insomnia depends on the nerve of cerebral ministry, nerve yuan too excited, exhaustion and anoxic, bring about thereby insomnia, giddy, neurasthenic. The Chinese traditional medicine that improves sleep-disorder (dragon jujube capsule) , those who say to get effective quickly, the on the safe side, the first drug that treats insomnia.

Its contain the MT active gene that extracts from the Chinese traditional medicine such as ginseng, keel, oyster especially, powerful effect be pacified, deep-seated nutrition is too excited, fatigue, anoxic nerve yuan, from go up at all restore to nerve ego is balanced and adjust function, revulsive nature falls asleep, ensure deepness Morpheus.

  Dragon jujube capsule solved the historic difficult problem that traditional Morpheus medicaments cures hard.

Current, had been in sell like hot cakes of Xinjiang medicine market, the people that suffers Morpheus worry can feel the sense of that long-unseen baby Morpheus eventually.