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Morpheus time under 6 hours or exceed 8 hours to may be brought about fat
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A research that publishs according to expert of Morpheus of Canada of Xinhua News Agency shows as a result, people everyday Morpheus time control is in 78 hours, most be helpful for carrying a figure. Morpheus is not worth 6 hours or more than 8 hours may be brought about fat.

The medical magazine that studies the report will be published on April 1 to publish " Morpheus " go up.

Because it can affect human body hormone to secrete a level,weight of Morpheus volume impact is, affect the hormone that those and appetite and full abdomen feeling concern especially.

Insomnia still can bring about those to restrain food intake of high quantity of heat desire hormone secretes a level to drop.

Grow hormone releases peptide is a kind of hungry signal that releases by the stomach. Researcher discovery, reach person of 8 hours compared with Morpheus time, every night Morpheus is only the scale tower above that hormone grows to release peptide inside human body of 5 hours 15 % .

Morpheus is insufficient besides can add hungry touch, still make energy is not worth the person by day, the influence works normally and live.

And, as right amount as Morpheus person photograph comparing, the odds that the person that Morpheus time is hour or 5 inadequacy 5 hours dies because of contracting cardiovascular disease is bigger.


No matter weekday still is on the weekend, get up on time everyday, sleep, this conduces to improve Morpheus quality.

The bubble before sleeping bath or read read, can loosen body and mind, let you sleep good become aware.

Do not watch TV on the bed, had better not touch the excitant material such as alcohol, caffein, chocolate.

Unfavorable do exercise in the late evening.

If feel,fall asleep hard, had better get up do some resemble reading this kind of relaxation activity, until feel drowsiness goes to bed again.