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Female Morpheus quality not beautiful appears more easily depressed impetuous an

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Increasing evidence makes clear, morpheus quality may affect heart health, healthy to the female influence particularly serious. A newest research of American makes an explanation to this one phenomenon.

North blocks Edward of doctor of center of medicine of university of Du Ke of city of collect Lai accept Su Yalei of · C · this directed this research. Researcher launchs questionnaire investigation to 210 healthy men and female, these all do not have the clinical diagnostic record with disorder Morpheus before the person.

The result shows, suffer in seeking a woman, morpheus quality not tall or the person that fall asleep hard bears normally more psychology pressure, haemal composition appears more easily also 2 model diabetic evidence. Morpheus quality and bear the relationship that seeks health of male body and mind not apparent however.

These Morpheus quality not the female of beautiful, every weeks of some insomnia two evening, some needs above ability half hours to fall asleep every night. Detect the result shows, ordinary person of prep above of content of the insulin inside their body, the body appears more easily inflammation, the fibrinogen in plasma also can increase. The 3rd feature is normally apoplectic and augural. Not only such, the female with insufficient Morpheus appears more easily the psychological symptom such as anger of depressed, animosity, impetuous.

Why is Morpheus quality affected to male health not quite? Revive the explanation says Yaleisi, of the compound amine content chemical material inside acid of black element of the fade inside body of male and female, lubricious ammonia, head run differ somewhat. These 3 kinds of material and human mood and cardiovascular health be closely bound up.

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