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Vigilance is looked like " spring tired " ill
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Arrive spring, many people begin drowsy, yawn reaching the sky, downhearted, a lot of people think this is " spring tired " , it is good to spent spring, but the expert reminds, these symptoms are not just " spring strand " particular symptom, probable it is the following the omen of 5 kinds of diseases:

1. Apoplectic:

To old people, have 70 % about - of 80 % lack brain of courage and uprightness apoplectic patient, before come on a week is controlled, can be short of blood because of cerebrum anoxic and appear again and again gape make tired appearance. Accordingly, again and again gape constant adumbrative lack brain of courage and uprightness apoplectic likelihood happens in the near future.

2. Be addicted to sleeps disease:

Basically have sleep spasmodically disease and Morpheus breath time-out, with sleeping spasmodically disease is the commonnest. Sleep spasmodically ill patient often is to there is the Morpheus show effect that cannot defy by day, him do one's best keeps sober when fit, but in 1 - dreamland is entered inside 2 minutes, ying Yuchun is tired try to distinguish, once appear,be addicted to sleeps symptom, should instantly go to a doctor, and the former hair disease that should notice examination and cure may cause be addicted to to sleep, if contract sexual disease, endocrine disease,wait.

3. Jia Kang:

Expression of patient of excessive of a few armour is expression dim, two bemused, unresponsive, be addicted to sleep wait for neurosis shape, be considered as easily " spring tired " . Accordingly, if have afore-mentioned semiotic show, should go to a hospital in time make a diagnosis and give treatment, want thyroid function examination only, it is not difficult to diagnose.

4. Be short of potassium:

Potassium is the indispensible ion of life, airframe is short of potassium to also can appear sometimes a few similar " spring tired " expression, return constant companion to have systemic sex flesh soft paralysis of faint, limbs, disgusting, vomiting, constipation, unresponsive breathe flesh even difficulty of paralytic, deglutition, rhythm of the heart is wrong etc.

5. Chronic has a relapse:

Spring get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, hypertensive, diabetic wait for patient easy have a recurrence of an old illness, blood pressure is high, blood sugar is tall, same meeting is caused wait for syndrome dizzily, suggest this kind of patient checks regularly, lest illness of incur loss through delay.