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Fitness helps you alleviate afternoon insomnia
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In modern way of life, the person that is perplexed by insomnia is increasing. People knows, carry kinetic energy alleviates pressure, improve Morpheus, but you know when to move, does ability sleep spicily in the evening? According to England " the family is healthy " the magazine reported recently, british researcher discovers, move afternoon, the biggest to Morpheus help.

The researcher of British London university undertook investigating to patient of many 3000 insomnia. These patients are become two groups by cent, in same sky, have campaign respectively afternoon, their athletic sort, intensity and carry momentum are identical. Press a regulation, two groups of people go to bed for a short while together in the late evening, after this researcher can detect with computer scanner their Morpheus circumstance. Result discovery, the person that moves in the morning, the quality of night sleep and when moving about the same, and that group of people that move afternoon, morpheus quality is compared in the evening ferial good much.

Researcher points out, this is caused. Moved later at 3 o'clock afternoon, to in the evening the body and cerebra began to enter relatively fatigue state at 10 o'clock, this makes canvasser falls asleep more easily; and the person that moves in the morning, about at noon feels fatigue, was asleep not easily instead to in the evening. The expert reminds at the same time, do not suit to have campaign again after 9 o'clock in the evening, this meeting makes cerebrum too excited, defer fall asleep time.