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From rise today, make long-term investment for Morpheus
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In " duty field amounts to a person " in the eye, morpheus is to use those who change outstanding achievement " body chip " , they cannot be abandoned have a meal, drip hard water is not touched, can sacrifice exclusively, have oneself Morpheus only.
Be in " old person of fifty years old " in the eye, morpheus is use conserce strength and store up energy " healthy capital " , they expect to be free from anxiety every night sleep good become aware, be oneself everyday " healthy bankbook " many lis cast " a minute of money " .
Today, become a kind really when Morpheus " capital " , clever are you also planning to rise for it appreciate? During lending world Morpheus day advent, let experts be you with scientific method " Morpheus " do a scientific and sound long-term investment to plan.

   [Morpheus invests the first action]
Breathe an obstacle to Morpheus " to clear "
Do not look down upon stertorous, its occurrence will destroy you very likely " healthy investment " overall plan, pull low your " Morpheus quality is divided on average " . Accordingly, be necessary to understand snore disease first, breathe an obstacle for Morpheus " to clear " .

   The snore of size is the most dangerous
Morpheus breathes an obstacle to divide a lot of kinds commonly, among them the commonnest is time-out of pure snore disease and breath of block sex Morpheus. Pure snore disease is not a disease, however phenomenon of a kind of physiology, perhaps saying is to be in disease and blame disease between; Time-out of breath of block sex Morpheus is the disease of a kind of serious minatory life. Usually, snore disease and the observation that Morpheus breath suspends can passing a companion will differentiate. The snore of snore disease is evener, have rhythm. And the snore that breath of block sex Morpheus suspends is inhomogenous, size, without rhythm, general and OK halt erupts suddenly after a few seconds. Need is special those who point out is, not be snore bigger illness is more serious, if discontinuous, the snore of size ability is the most dangerous.
Normally, the symptom of Morpheus breath obstacle is Morpheus not just in stertorous, still have other like hypertensive, fat, small chin, by day spirit not the expression such as beautiful. The age is in 35-50 year old the crowd of potential Gao Wei that the male and the female after be in menopause also are Morpheus breath obstacle. If try not in time to treat, can be caused or accentuate a variety of common disease, be like hypertensive, heart disease, diabetic etc. Newest research discovers, morpheus breath is broken out in obstacle patient Morpheus cardiac muscle stalk dies and the odds of cerebral block is normal crowd 3 times the left and right sides. In the meantime, effective specific aim treats Morpheus to breathe an obstacle to be able to control the high blood pressure of 1/3 above, the candy metabolization that corrects 25 % is disorder, the incidence of a disease that reduces cardiovascular disease 20 % . This explains, the disease of health of these serious minatory life and life quality and Morpheus breath obstacle are having close connection.
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