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How to treat insomnia best
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Can not take medicine had better not take medicine, I do not advocate take medicine aid Mian, but the word says, it is restless word really, some moment really if medicine eats, you eat, I also am not very object.
1, eat stable piece

2, hot milk is drunk before sleeping. . . . . .

3, face the milk that nod heat is drunk before sleeping, use base of hot water bubble 30 minutes or so

4, wash a hot bath.

5, the whats after lying on the bed do not want. . . . . . Perhaps issue count sheep in automatic status animal of other perhaps what

6, listen classical music and endorse. . .

7, take a walk to the street, the song that has heard very soundly

8, do not want early to sleep, can lie on the bed to sleep to be not worn otherwise, still have responsibility of not intentional manage, do you estimate now be often afraid of sleep to be not worn again tonight? This kind of psychology also is a when bring about insomnia main factor actually. Often do not want not to want insomnia today, I should sleep today, good sleep of and so on often want to let oneself be asleep the idea of and so on, because do not have insomnious person to sleep,won't think these, seem very random, often thinking me to must sleep.


1) insomnia is a neurasthenic kind, proposal, go to a hospital leaving some adjust nerval medicine
2) otherwise sees old traditional Chinese medical science use adjustment of Chinese traditional medicine
3) the may closest movement is less, attend some of physical training more


Do the activity of bit of great fortune momentum afternoon, play basketball for instance, climb etc, make sure you sleep very spicily ~~~~~

The most fundamental definition of insomnia is sleep-disorder. Can behave to fall asleep difficult; Wake early; The Yi Xing in Morpheus; After waking fall asleep again hard; Morpheus quality drops, much dream; Morpheus time decreases apparently etc. Insomnious incidence of a disease is very high. A lot of elements can cause insomnia: (1) spirit element; (2) body disease; Hyperfunction of if neurosis, hypertensive disease, tumour, head is hemal disease of disease, tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, liver, thyroid function; (3) age element: Bigger insomnia occurence rate jumps over the age tall; (4) other: Be like a brainworker, with the head excessive, wrangle all round the environment, excessive drink, drink tea reach coffee. Insomnia can divide for: Fall asleep to wake difficultly, early reach Yi Xing. The mainest symptom is Morpheus inadequacy, often still can accompany a lot of unwell symptoms and mental show. Serious insomnia still can cause disease of sex of body of a few hearts.

One, not nervous, establish confidence, seek reasonable, effective methodological conquer insomnia, insomnia is not a kind of serious illness, 1 day or a few days sleep less a few hours do not have what relation. Can cooperate dietotherapy, Chinese traditional medicine, Western medicine, acupuncture, physiotherapy, qigong to wait.
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