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Sleeping pill is standing a few kinds are being changed take conduce sleep
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To taking the person of sleeping pill for a long time, doctor of internal medicine of Beijing hospital nerve Chairman Zhang Hua suggests, had better prepare 3 kinds of two sleeping pill, and often should change sort eat, such ability are helpful for helping Morpheus, not easy also generation is able to bear or endure property of a medicine.

A kind of sleeping pill takes time to grow too, may feel jump over difference with the effect more, even " invalidation " . Because human body has to medicaments,this is be able to bear or endure suffer a gender, accept a kind of new pharmaceuticals when human body namely when stimulation, airframe produces reaction very easily, but take for a long time, the body was used to this kind of medicaments, can appear " unresponsive " even " reaction is out of order " . Encounter this kind of situation, should look for a doctor, use the sleeping pill of different sort to disease. In addition, need takes the patient of sleeping pill for a long time, can prepare in the home two to 3 kinds of medicaments, often changing sort to eat.

After some people take sleeping pill of period of time, although fall asleep relatively easy, but can appear to awake in the middle of the night again also restless circumstance, very pained. Explanation of Doctor Zhang Hua says, this and medicaments are able to bear or endure suffer a gender to concern, can add right now take half to arrive a sleeping pill, but do not exceed this dosage, if still sleep to be not worn, need to change new sleeping pill.

Insomnious symptom is not very serious person, eat sleeping pill to had better adopt interval to take a way, drug stops two days after taking 9 weeks; If still sleep to be not worn, can adopt Chinese herbal medicine to cooperate cure, reduce sleeping pill dosage and side effect to lowest as far as possible.

What need reminds is, take the patient of sleeping pill, every half month arrives 20 days or so, be about to go to a hospital looking for a doctor to check, according to circumstance of near future Morpheus, look to whether need to adjust sleeping pill dosage and sort, must not oneself " frowsty head " eat, lest make officinal thing,become addiction.