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Cope with the folk prescription of travel insomnia
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Say commonly, travel should make people spirit happy, promotional Morpheus, but some people can appear however in travel insomnious phenomenon. Because one ground reachs first,one of reasons are, fall asleep the environment is changed somewhat, plus the change of temperature humidity, the influence of noise, the change of smooth feeling and odour, cause it is difficult to fall asleep, what this says usually namely " be unable to sleep well in a new place " . It is the unwell influence Morpheus that excessive excitement, exhaustion and chronic cause next.

Want to overcome travel insomnia, should maintain a mood above all happy, maintain the time of the food when keeping balance, daily life, Morpheus and habit as far as possible. Do not want excessive exhaustion and excitement. Every arrive to manage new place, answer to get used to climate environment of place as soon as possible, overcome not close feeling. If the condition allows and ill without hypertensive disease and liver, half bottles of beer or a cup of hot milk can be drunk to fall asleep in order to help before sleeping. Do not drink strong tea and coffee before sleep.

If afore-mentioned method are invalid, a few composed sleeping pill can be taken before sleeping below doctor guidance, wait like stable, miltown and benefit Mian spirit, also can eat a few vermilion to calm the nerves bolus, bai Zi raises the Chinese traditional medicine such as heart bolus. Anyhow, travel insomnia is not serious illness, want to try to notice to be able to be overcome very quickly only.

Additional, folk still is circulating such fast sleep experience, do not prevent try:

1. The law austral head north foot: North of day of the head when sleeping, south crural face, make main passages through which vital energy circulates of the person and blood, gas and earthly lines of force parallel, the person can sleep smooth and steadily, fall asleep fast also.

2. Feed acetic law: Be in namely face before sleeping, feed one spoon vinegar to transfer into be drunk in a cup of cold boiled water below, fall asleep very easily so.