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Light activity is far from insomnia
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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the main reason that brings about insomnia is affection annals internal injury, liver is maladjusted amount to, obstruction of the circulation of vital energy turns internal heat, disturb mind, and mobile ability to walk, have the effect with magical peace of fire of clear liver have diarrhoea. Face before sleeping, a few simple motions are made on the bed, can let you be far from insomnia:

1. Live with afterbrain pillow both hands lies on his back on the bed, one side is inspiratory, double toe of one side general to head direction lift up, lift up arrives intolerable till, again expiratory loosen toe. Repeat an act 5 ~ 6.

2. Lie on one's back
Hind inspiratory, first right crooked, lower limbs towards the left is screwy; Expiratory, the body is reductive; Next inspiratory, head towards the left is crooked, lower limbs right screwy; Expiratory, the body is reductive. Repeat an act 3 times.

3. Cross one's legs sits on the bed, both hands holds genu in the arms to fall backward, unbend of double leg of lie down hind, a hand captures the wrist ministry of another hand. Use the counterforce of the hand, drag a the upper part of the body, repeat 3 times.

4. Admire lie in bed to go up finally, double small hole is small close, focus attention on both hands or double foot, systemic muscle is exceeding loosen, the heavy sense that uses hand or base will experience sarcous is flabby degree, become aware more heavy show muscle is flabbier, have slow, even, profound breath at the same time. Any reflection do not undertake when the exercise, idea cannot leave the heavy feeling of hand or foot, once appear with the thought that loosens training to have nothing to do, answer to stop instantly, draw attention return with hands or feet on the experience of heavy feeling.