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Insomnia is simple and easy therapeutics
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1, in journey if feel special exhaustion, but nightly cannot fall asleep peacefully again. When encountering this kind of situation, face in a cup of cool boiled water is being added with one spoon vinegar before sleeping, drink go down, fall asleep so easily, and sleep darkly.

2, face before sleeping dish remove a leg to sit on the bed, admire the body about one minute backward, next hand leg spreads out, loosen muscle as far as possible. This paragraph of time is not impatient, want to maintain even deep breathing, before long drowsiness comes however oneself.

3, face in the evening before sleeping, brushing his teeth is more important than brushing his teeth in the morning, can keep clear of not only oral cavity accumulates content, and be helpful for protecting a tooth, right smooth and steady the help with fall asleep to also have certain.

4, face the do up one's hair before sleeping, can help you spend a quiet night.

5, face the foot is washed with Wen Shui before sleeping, make haemal be issued to lower levels, this is a stimulation to cerebrum, can rise to accelerate the effect that fall asleep and removes exhaustion.

6, even if in the winter, face the window also wants before sleeping, to indoor put into a few fresh air, such conducing to sleep sweetly.

7, milk and egg contain rich amino acid, take a few effect that can have to sleep peacefully undisturbedly, lecithin is contained in yoke among them, have the effect that filling head calms the nerves. Eat the egg that cooks with milk, have certain curative effect to insomnia.

8, will fresh green or garlic cut asunder, face before sleeping, put beside the head of a bed, sleep peacefully to promoting fall asleep have better effect.

9, lotus seed heart joins a few salt, boiled water take medicine with water.

10, sunflower () of about 30 grams, hull is chewed take.

11, pig heart, add saline touch, boil feed, medicable guilty not Mian.

12, water of earthnut leaf make tea is drunk, daily before sleeping, take.

13, fresh and tender lotus root one, abluent go section and cortical, pear flay, mincing, wring with clean gauze respectively take juice, two juice are taken together, can divide irritated calm the nerves, effect of the person that cannot sleep to night is distinct.

14, red jujube 10, longan 30 grams, cent is secondary feed.