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Insomnious disease
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Insomnious disease is a kind of durative Morpheus pledge or measure unsatisfactory physiology obstacle. Insomnia has worry or to scared psychology is the element of the psychology that cause disease of form cost disease.
Insomnia is common sleep-disorder. Ke Jifa wait at disease of spirit of body element, environment element, nerve. Because those who worry about insomnia is fear of mental insecurity, angst, alleged,this disease is disease of the former insomnia that send a gender. Its symptom characteristic to fall asleep difficult, Morpheus sleeps lightly not greatly, easily, wake early, much dream, tired or lack is sober after waking feeling. Think of by day sleep, affect work efficiency or social function badly. Normally of insomnia come on time lasts to happen 3 times at least every week in January above.

For the different time level of divisional insomnia, insomnia cent is fall asleep difficult, sleep voice wakes flabbily, early 3 kinds of forms.
Fall asleep difficult expression is to lie on the bed hind 30 minutes are returned when 1-2 Xiaoshi even fall asleep hard, again and again, impatient uneasiness, palpitate is unwell, when when falling asleep, already was a late night. Sleep flabby expression is voice Morpheus table is simple, much dream wakes easily, after waking, also can fall asleep again, but should wake every night 3-4 second above, morpheus efficiency is low, should sleep less every night for this the time of 20% , and normal person does not exceed 5% commonly. As a result of nightly sleep lightly for many times, and the quality that affects Morpheus, the symptom with reason occurrence insufficient Morpheus. Wake early expression is still can fall asleep slowly, but shut-eye awakes to just sleep 2-3 hour, cannot fall asleep repeatedly later, still have 2 hours from early morning or earlier when woke, and cannot fall asleep again or be like sleep blame sleep, thresh dream. As a result of midnight awake, should when day break ability rises, if right now the family member still is in soporous, insomnia person the mood is met more be agitated is irritable.

A lot of insomnia situations are created, introduce a few kinds below:
1. Disease of central nervous system, be like a head disease of blood-vessel of tumor of traumatic, brain, head (block of cerebral hemorrhage, head) , Pajinsen disease, senile domentia, epileptic, migraine.
2. Respiratory system disease, wait like emphysema of sex of chronic bronchitic, chronic block.
3. Urology disease, the Morpheus when chronic kidney function fails, often short and broken, have kidney only dialytic or kidney transplant ability is effective solve. Diabetic, diabetes insipidus, urology affects the frequent micturition that cause, also can disturb Morpheus.
4. Irritability disease, often also disturb Morpheus, if skin Sao is urticant, nose block, make Morpheus cannot undertake.
5. Digestion disease, if ulcer is ill, enteritis, dysenteric,wait cause the symptom such as bellyacke, heartburn, disgusting, vomiting, also disturb Morpheus apparently.
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