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Morpheus of old person of conduce of simple behavior treatment
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Expert of Ni Yazhou Morpheus discovers way of American guest evening, simple behavior treatment also can help insomnious old person fall asleep.

The expert invited patient of disease of 17 senile insomnia to attend period of treatment of interpose of simple behavior treatment. After period of treatment ends, quality of 12 person Morpheus rises, angst and depressed mood are reduced, 9 person is the insomnious disease patient on strict medicine definition no longer. 18 when accepting period of treatment

According to introducing, sleeping pill conduces to relieve insomnious symptom, but old people takes sleeping pill to have particular risk. A period of treatment needs groovy behavior treatment normally 6 weeks reach 8 weeks, had cost long. American expert is new the academic tax that a period of treatment includes the simple behavior treatment that roll out 45 minutes only and of 2 week hind auxiliary class of 30 minutes. In treating a process, the specific symptom that has sufferred the nurse of professional training to be able to be aimed at a patient puts forward to fall asleep and sleep soundly proposal, after be like catnap again daily and go to bed, time get up etc.