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It is OK to often eat tuckahoe disease of insomnia of cure of Ning Xinan god
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People knows tuckahoe this name, it is right likely " red Lou Meng " in " milk tuckahoe frost " impression. Actually, tuckahoe besides external use, or blindly valuable Chinese traditional medicine material, have delay the effect such as anile, Ning Xinan god.

Tuckahoe is a kind of fungus that grows in pine root ministry. Of one's own accord of its sex flavour is weak, have benefit waterlogging wet, be good at lienal the action that calms the nerves with stomach, peaceful heart, treat a disease range is quite wide, apply to oedema make water little, lienal empty feeds the disease such as much dream of little, uneasy, insomnia, nourishing to woman and old people effect is optimal.

Tuckahoe is in " classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine " in the top grade that be labelled, weigh its " long take, install fetch repose, not be hungry is delayed year " . Have dietetics home to Ci Xi the macrobian benefiting prescription of mother of an emperor undertook an analysis, the benefiting Chinese traditional medicine that discovers she is commonly used in all 64 kinds, utilization rate is top blindly Chinese traditional medicine is tuckahoe. In recent years pharmacodynamics considers to return a proof, the tuckahoe polysaccharide that contains a lot ofin tuckahoe can enhance function of human body immunity, can increase the disease-resistant capacity of human body, rise to defend the ill, action that delays consenescence.

The common product on market has tuckahoe cake, tuckahoe to cream, tuckahoe pink. With tuckahoe clip cake is exemple, it is the name nods a kind of tradition that has nourishing sex, with tuckahoe frost and thin pancake of make it of pink of flour of essence of life, intermediate clip is useful honey, saccharic boil frit to mix the confiture pinecone of divide evenly is broken benevolence, its form is like full moon, thin be like paper, bai Ruxue, precious beautiful pleasant is sweet, local color is distinctive. A variety of protein that tuckahoe places cake to still contain human body place to need and vitamin, nutrition is rich, taste is delicious, have alimentary liver kidney, the effect of bowel of filling gas profit, long-term edible, can enhance physical power, raise Yan Hufu.

Everybody is OK also oneself start work, food of the tuckahoe that make. For instance, to Chinese traditional medicine the room is redemptive tuckahoe pink, according to 2 ∶ the scale of 5, pour water together with honey, can increase strength, benefit water detumescence. When evaporate makes the cooked wheaten food such as steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, 10 tuckahoe pink can be joined to mix even evaporate one case in flour, perhaps mix tuckahoe heart of yam, Song Ren, Gorgon fruit, lotus a knead dough, make it flapjack, have better curative effect to the diabetic. In addition, tuckahoe still can make wine of soup, bubble, in the wine of 500 milliliter, put 100 grams tuckahoe, drink 5 ― everyday 10 milliliter, have Ning Xinan god, be good at lienal delay year effect. ▲
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