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New drug of remedial insomnia disease " Zun Bi calm "
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Zun Bi calm is benzene of new generation blame 2 nitrogen kind hypnotic, it is γ - 2 nitrogen suffer benzene of amino man acerbity A- body is excited agent, alternative action at the 1 benzene of ω of cerebrum 2 nitrogen accept put oneself in another's position inferior model. Have more powerful composed and hypnotic effect, and fight angst, muscle slightly to be mixed flabbily fight convulsions action. Consider to make clear, γ - amino man acid is the nerve with central nervous the most important system is given qualitative one of, about 50% dash forward touched nerve is given it is γ character - amino man is acerbity. γ - amino man acid suffers body to be able to be divided on pharmacological for γ - amino fourth acerbity A and γ - amino man acerbity B(or 2) of ω 1/ ω accept put oneself in another's position. γ - amino fourth acerbity A suffers physical ability to be mixed by fly gill fungus areca second alkaline excited, peony of pouch of medicine of the convulsions that be fought is alkaline and imprint toxin of the root of fangji is restrained. γ - amino fourth acerbity B suffers body and chloric ionic passageway to concern. γ - amino man acid accepts put oneself in another's position by α , β , γ inferior unit composition, zun Bi calm and other hypnotic benzene 2 nitrogen kind, Zun Pi clone and Zalepulong are same action at α inferior unit. Profess to convinced of Zun Bi calm is absorbed rapid, have effect fast, half-life is short (for two hours of) . Biology availability is about 70% .

Usage and dosage: Limits of dosage of profess to convinced 10 milligram of 5 ~ , 65 years old of the following patients are 10 milligram, patient of 65 years old of above is measured every time for 5 milligram, before sleeping, take.

Curative effect observation: According to home 20 hospitals are opposite sheet of 754 insomnia patient takes Zun Bi calm to undertake curative effect observes, continuously insomnia 530, provisionality insomnia 224, ~ is 69 40 years old the age years old, course of diseases 3 months ~ 1 year. Most patient ever had taken Xi Pan of ** , ground, chloric saltpetre the traditional and composed hypnotic such as logical sequence of Zun of stable, moxa department content, but the effect all is inferior to Zun Bi calm. Clinical effect makes clear, take Zun Bi level when the patient 3 ~ after 5 days, the patient of 89.3% can fall asleep quickly inside 15 minutes, the patient Morpheus time of 98.78% can last 6 hours above, and the head that after waking, can keep sober, without any unwell feeling. Improve an evaluation to his Morpheus via investigating the patient of 98.9% quite satisfactory.

Harmful response (ADR) : This medicine ADR is slight, now and then appear tired, be addicted to sleeps, buccal doing, general all ability suffers, can alleviate by oneself, do not have an influence to function of liver, kidney, cardiogram and blood picture. Among them the patient of 97.46% did not appear ADR. Zun Bi calm and traditional composed hypnotic are like benzene barbitone kind, chloric base chloric aldehyde of alcohol of alkyne of Xi of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem, Gemite, hydration and benzene 2 nitrogen kind medicaments photograph becomes addiction sex than arising.
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