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The rudder that orphan and inchoate psychology intervenes
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The child loses a dear one in disaster, it is the commonnest pressure, also be most the crisis that is badly in need of processing, most conference appears to react below:

Do not believe the family member has left forever

The body is unwell, do not have difficulty of appetite, breath for example

Feel oneself are abandoned, opposite age family member is angry

Self-condemned to the family member's death

Imitate die the family member's behavior or feature

Those who change is easy and nervous

Concern takes care of him without the person later

Appear with very different before act, for example particularly particularly good, mischievous

A few reaction of above should give minder the explanation, let them more all sorts of affection that admit the child, listen attentively to and understanding is very important, understand their sadness, their life, their fear, make sure to them meeting somebody takes care of them all the time, they are loved, they won't be forsaken. Those who understand them is self-condemned, but what should explain a family member is dead they are not caused, it is an earthquake those who cause (responsibility should distinguish) .

The person that current interpose is accompanied is the first important, the proper response of the person that accompany is the assurance with the most important health of orphan future body and mind.

The person that patronizes orphan wants relative stability, will be changed ceaselessly, produce the feeling of attaching with certain and fixed person, it is the one link that the child acquires safety to feel very important. Besides give children basic basic necessities of life, more important is the company that has quality, with minder familiar feeling just can produce the trust to the person afresh.

Take care of orphan, the stable minder of every child had better be two people, some universities are man-to-man undergraduate takes care of orphan, such with respect to an undergraduate pressure too big, be just like a family is parents commonly two people, this kind has two people of mutual support the meeting is safer to the child, two people have a thing to be able to communicate, it is OK that one party has its other one party on the top, the minder that has equipment choosing after all is safe to the child.

If cannot so much person takes care of a child, the person that patronizes the child also wants relative stability, for instance certain person takes care of these 3 children, another takes care of those 3 children, do not want the crowd that optional exchange takes care of.

If can find familiar person of the child, include kin, neighbour, dot once liked with familiar person, best in the team that can bring into minder, the ginseng of this kind of familiar person attends the meeting the insecurity that reduces the child.
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