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You and boss after all where is different?
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Once well-meaning suffers the person that visit, draw out a heart to draw out lobar ground to tell me: Boss and subordinate should resemble little mother's brother and nephew accord with regular relation, be mingled with is in close with so not close between, elder not so I once also encountered; between elder those vow solemnly can go out with boss bubble, even the youth of go through fire and water. I do not know whose word is more authentic, I know only, if sensibilities can change, so “ class ” won't, see the concern that follows boss from class talking, can yet be regarded as faces actual tweak.

" duty field " the magazine is by this year March, opened a celebration that celebrates a year of birthday. For this celebration, I am busy die the cruelest death, other staff is same also, still have one's direct superior, the blister raised by a burn on the mouth rises shockingly. Regard ” of mobile “ name as the organizer, in the activity that day before dawn, I prepare to abandon Morpheus returning the office to prepare final data, as it happens arranges the car that builds boss. We speak of my insomnia from the uneasiness to the activity, from me insomnia speaks of boss insomnia, the insomnia that speaks of boss next and my insomnia difference wheres.

When the car is about to reach office building, whole topic develops suddenly abstrusely to rise. Boss says: &What actually each employee should do Ldquo; is to endeavor to show his, the longest in letting oneself become an organization that board, show oneself cannot replace a gender, but as boss, what should do is to maintain a kind of balance however, this kind differs cannot mediate. ”

Sound very is defeat letting a person? Actual rather, be this kind differs let you and boss seem too extremely medium “ shade ” and “ in relief ” , make the cut that holds closely.

The class distinguishs one of — responsibility

You also should think of the thing that “ did not think of. Is who calls ” you boss? Right.

Organize the business in, arrived actually boss on that vital link, all things find responsibility person well and truly, because this thing had involved degree of too much layer. Upriver region is one Tuo muddleheaded place, this also is meant, the control that boss is him only is not careful and buy sheet.

If an employee works outstanding achievement is not ideal, he finds similar morale very easily the reason of and so on of hardship of transition of low, company. They won't feel is the problem of oneself, because he is base. But the boss escapes hard accusing, constituent problem is his problem ……

The — that the class distinguishs solves a problem

Subordinate differs with another of boss even if, one handles issue of “ astringent ” , one handles issue of “ diverge ” . Former be similar to 3 4= ? , latter is similar to? ? ? =7, be likely even? ? ? = ? . Who should be calculated some morer so, discover not hard.
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