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Study pressure increases wait for a worry the expert is raised for student psych
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Yesterday morning, bureau of Taiyuan city education held educational expert and senior face-to-face large activity, the expert that organizes whole town to teach a system to concern course is whole town first 3, tall 3 seniors and parent offer the spot to seek advice from a service. Advisory activity learns in Cheng Chengzhong, 5 medium, 12 medium 6 schools are held at the same time, the expert of more than 300 education of 16 course, renown teacher, outstanding classmaster, psychology seeks advice from the high school at the beginning of whole town master, for whole town first, the on-the-spot guidance that nearly 10 thousand students and its parent provided class of high school graduation to study the aspect such as education of method, mental health, family.

The activity gave teachers and students the chance of communication

Yesterday morning 8 when 30 minutes, gymnasium of Taiyuan city dozenth middle school. More than 1500 parent and student hurry to here early, before every seek advice from a dot, surround full student and parent. Students tell a teacher straight-outly the bewilderment in study, before saying, they return brows to tighten a lock, solve when the teacher after ending, the expression on their face immediately a lot of more relaxed. We had gone to “ now final sprint phase, but how does each division allot time there is a bottom in the heart, if time allocation is unreasonable, will bring about exam achievement directly not ideal. Seek advice this can give me the chance, can take the bewilderment in learning at ordinary times consult to the teacher. ” say of a student. Mr. “ at ordinary times very busy, undertake cannot man-to-manly training to children, although be after the class, the teacher also analyses inadequacy to children without enough time, this mobile just gave teacher and student the chance of a communication, this kind of form is quite good. A parent says ” .

A controller expresses bureau of Taiyuan city education, seeking advice from an activity this is only germinant, they and each school still will be united in wedlock actual, conduct the advisory guidance activity of different form, promotion is advanced experience, pass pertinent information, the focal point that gives study the side already to the student is direct, show loving care for and adjust what give body and mind the side again, for the excellent service that senior and parent provide those who have specific aim to specialization.

Graduate psychology problem also should pay close attention to

Current, pressure of social competition aggravate, study increases, the psychology that the high school student that is in adolescence gets is perplexed especially apparent, psychological contradiction is very outstanding. But be in mobile spot, a lot of parents and student care achievement only, and the psychology before ignoring final examination adjusts.
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