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The lover sees a knife kill 8 kinds of state of mind of love
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“ holds your hand, grow old with you ” . Everybody hopes the path of his love is successful, however this world is having too much the misfortune that forecasts hard and involuntarily separation and reunion, love and we brush a shoulder and always a few pass. Turn one's head those love that if delimit like the shooting star,live life, be what lets us forget after all at all corners of the country? Do not miss each other attribute a fault to is lot, perhaps be yourself is in casual killed love. The reporter invites health Mr. Xiao Dan of 863 psychology net is you analytic 8 kinds of state of mind that kill love, let us open the abstruse scheming of love together.

Lose ego weighty tired oneself

Once some people fall in love, be obsessed with at among them, cannot extricate oneself, become more and more stick a person, even loses ego, desertion oneself nature, be willing to do the business of all in one's power and above sb's bend for the other side, weighty tired oneself.

Small stick person: Do an ox to do a horse tired dead oneself, what change possibly is the other side however is cheesed with face about. Hold oneself dignity and fascination, self-love ability gets more love.

Await wait-and-see love to get too late

In the person that the trip on love road passes, constant regular meeting has this kind of conservative state of mind. Because had sufferred harm, fear to confront failure again, do not wish to pay sincerity easily so, must see the other side heart and soul oneself just agree to act somewhat after expression.

Small stick person: Love already pull in, if you do not hold the vehicle on the opportunity, grind dillydally loiter however, indecisive, this regular bus leaves.

Material is consummate too too actual

Certain economic base is the cornerstone with firm love. But exorbitant benefit plan and material ask often condition of awkwardness of park of the other side, let the other side can't bear heavy burden. The difference that both sides forms on economic interest and pull stumble, evolve into unending brawl very easily.

Small stick person: The life and love need to be managed jointly. Want to be able to be consideration of the other side more only, many somes good-tempered with understanding, divide dispute individual gain and loss nevertheless, issue of a lot of interests is met be readily solved.

Pursuit is perfect get drunk romantic

Some people are gone after overly in love perfect, do not allow an impurity, be lost in in Shui Guangxuan's lubricious romantic dream. Especially the woman reflects a lot of little detail in the life to go up to the exacting meeting of love, after often passing to passion accordingly insipid period feel disappointed.

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