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Lung of autumn pear embellish relieves a cough best belt skin eats

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The Beginning of Autumn just passed, weather gradually cool. Through endless and burning hot summer, dry human body need is moist, concerned expert suggested a few days ago, pear the right season or time is eaten at the beginning of Xia Moqiu, to tracheitis patient especially beneficial.

Jilin saves Zhao Yang of doctor of family of traditional Chinese medical science of hospital of total fleet of public security frontier defence to say, theory of traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pear can be used as medicine, expectorant embellish lung, town coughs stop asthma, clear heart falls igneous effect. Modern medicine thinks, pear is right the disease such as much dream of hypertensive, heart disease, constipation, dazed, insomnia, have favorable auxiliary therapy effect. In the meantime, for sclerotic to hepatitis, liver patient, it is good health food more. Pear eats to agree with more at the beginning of Xia Moqiu tracheitis patient, also agree with suffer from “ dry and integrated the crowd that asks for ” .

The expert says, pear can be born feed, also but cooked food, pound drink juice, or section boils congee all but. Usable pear adds honey to boil make ” of candy of “ pear syrup, long to sufferring from lung to heat up cough the patient of disease has apparent curative effect. Rock candy stews pear is our country tradition to feed cordial, can lung of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, relieve a cough expectorant. The expert emphasizes saying, the embellish lung of pear skin relieves a cough action is best, suggest people takes a skin to eat pear.

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