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The soup of yellow lean lean of snow pear hemp of lung of autumn dry embellish

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Folk says: Pear of lung of embellish of “ autumn dry is first. ” cure bound thinks, pear is 100 fruit ancestor, in fruit the position is significant, suitabiltiy is more extensive than the apple, it has profit lung, expectorant, relieve a cough, antifebrile, fall the fire, clear heart, poison that solve sore and the effect with poisonous wine, often feed can complement the nutrition of human body. Contemporary dietetics also thinks, the rich saccharide that it contains has fructose and dextrose, defend liver, aid digestion, appetitive action. And Chinese traditional medicine hemp comes loose outside gas of lung of Huang Youkai announce chill, inside smooth asthma coughs, play the effect such as an aqueduct; Candied date or jujube has the effect that lung of Wen Zhongyi gas, beneficial relieves a cough however. Close with pig lean lean and be soup, can clear heat falls lung of fire, embellish relieves a cough, it is the beautiful soup of autumn dry day.

Material: Xue Li 2, south, boreal apricot each 12 grams, hemp is yellow 8 grams (inn all has Chinese traditional medicine carry out) , pig lean lean 200 grams, candied date or jujube 3, if sweetmeat issues rock candy, salty feed next ginger 2 with salt.

Cook: Xue Li is abluent, not flay, stripping and slicing, go heart nucleus; Each medicinal material is abluent, immerse; Pig lean lean is abluent, not the knife is cut. (salty feed criterion with ginger together) Bao issueing tile, add water 2000 milliliter (8 bowls of quantities) , high heat changes slow fire Bao 2 hours after Bao boil, next salt or rock candy but.

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Bring out the theme teachs Bao soup

Reader: My friend is 54 years old, the near future coughs, diagnose for bronchitic reach emphysema, what soup can assist cure?

She Zijiang: But soya bean of part of a historical period of drink dragon interest stews fish of white crucian carp.

Reader: This paragraph of time goes the time of pee is particularly much, and sleep to often daydream in the evening, what soup water can have dietotherapy effect excuse me?

She Zijiang: Shang Shui is given priority to with solid kidney, but drink Ba Ji, Chinese cynomorium (each 12 grams) Bao hotpot or lean lean of Bao of Ci solid yam.

Reader: My pa this year 55 years old, operation of cancer of the stomach is become two years ago, did 6 times change cure. Will have a relapse this year in August, did 2 times after art change cure, long-term leucocyte on the low side, the body compares thin and small, bao what soup has been drunk to him excuse me?

She Zijiang: Should the Shang Shui with nourishing Bao, the Chinese caterpillar fungus that be like a winter (6~7) the teal that stew (150 grams) , American ginseng (15~20 is overcome) the lean lean that stew (150 grams) , one person is measured.

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