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Face financial storm investor to need psychology to save oneself
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Second borrow the crisis to circle Liang Yinian, international money market is turbulent recently aggravate. Wall street swaying in the midst of a raging storm, let the crisis spread to the whole world. China also fails pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others, city of the stock market, building drops continuously, card put together points to on is to be in more 65 % drop in 11 months, let investor suffer serious blow.

The financial storm that grow in intensity, let more and more people begin the psychological problem with occurrence differ degree. According to American media coverage, the person that 3 months seek what psychology seeks advice to call in because of economic problem recently became much 15%—20% . An investigation also discovers England recently, be hard up make the person of 1/3 is in “ socialization to close ” position oneself. Also was full of in the heart of Chinese investor depressed, bemused, confused, pessimistic, depressed, depressed even personage is added gradually much.

Although outside have with beautiful couplet store the 6 big Central Banks that head help city together, there is Chinese government to reduce reserve of deposit of orgnaization of loan interest rate, finance inside rate and negotiable securities trade stamp duty changes unilateral to collect wait for a series of measure that help city. But before hypostatic economy produces change truly, to the stock market and even room city whether of the psychological shadow brandish that the worry that recover from an illness still allows a lot of investor do not go.

Mr. Xiao Dan of 863 psychology net analyses health at this point think, at present of investor state of mind flimsy, to market later period go sign is sure will have certain and negative effect. In the action helping city of this round of dynamic, investor must undertake psychology saves oneself first, ability him help walks out of predicament as soon as possible.

Economic situation is in impossibly ” of get warm again after a cold spell of “ of in one day, those who turn round money market is low confuse a condition, need the effort of each country government and Central Bank, need each respect personage to build market confidence together more. The urgent affairs of investor is heavy model confidence, adjust blundering state of mind, look weak temporarily fluctuate rises and fall, with a view to invests a target long-termly, had made the psychological preparation of the difficult when be being spent in all.

In the meantime, investor needs to enhance pair of professional knowledge especially the understanding of macroscopical economy respect and accumulate, such ability strengthen the rational judgement of pair of market direction, search a hope from inside despair, the opportunity sees in the crisis. In light of adj ground, the adjustment of price of share price, floor process, also be asset bubble shrink, the process that market risk releases. Clever investor, in the market a panic when, might as well begin to disentomb valuable investment.
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