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The suicide puts contagious Cui true suicide to produce chain effect
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The Korea that suicidal frequency passes performs art circle to spread a sad news of the death again recently. On October 2, 2008 early morning, the female star Cui that is known as ” of Queen of heaven of Korea “ countryman is used inside closet of really honest bedroom bind the stretch fabric suicide on shower shower nozzle to die, astonish domestic and international, also cause Korea society jointly imitate suicidal incident. After Cui true hang oneself dies inside 24 hours, two Korea woman is with same way respectively in the home bathroom suicide dies. Back-to-back, zhang Caiyuan of Korea denaturation actor on October 3, inside oneself closet hang oneself dies, its ever expressed “ understandable Cui Zhen's solid mood ” before the suicide. Series suicide incident causes each square height attention, according to Korea media coverage, concerned respect is afraid, in view of the consequence of Cui Zhen honest Korea, the person that may have more and likeness of her life experience imitates hang oneself.

Korea stars the suicide in Home Cui Zhen solid dies

In fact, the contagion that stars the suicide is caused effect is not Gu exemple. In April 1986, tian Youxi of ridge of Japanese female star child jump the building commits suicide, there are 10 several teenage follow the lead oves later and the suicide dies;2003 year April, harbor star Zhang Guorong jumps the building dies, in 9 subsequently hours, hong Kong produces event of building of 6 take off, it is day of average double;2005 year, after commit suicide of hang oneself from a beam of Li Enzhu of Korea female star, the 20 Korea suicide to layer of 29 years old of ages relatively increase considerably before this, and the rate of commit suicide of hang oneself from a beam from 53.3% , rise to be as high as 8 to become.

According to health Mr. Xiao Dan of 863 psychology net introduces, in studying about suicidal psychology, suicidal infectivity gets attention fully all the time. The suicide is a serious communal and wholesome problem, the person that each each kills can be affected forthrightly all round at least 5 people, make its cast off psychological shadow for long hard, and extremely easy generation imitates psychology. And star such public character commits suicide not only cause harm to relatives and friends, give the public possibly still, especially group of their vermicelli made from bean starch brings tremendous forfeiture to feel, bring a worry more possibly to flimsy group, arouse some people bury the uneasy mood in the heart, aggrandizement already had the commit suicide desire of the tall danger personage of suicidal tendency originally, inspire its suicide impulse, quickly its pay all executing suicidal thought, cause series to imitate suicidal incident.

Star suicidal infectivity cannot leave the add fuel to the fire of media greatly. Although not all media is to cherish the undesirable purpose of hype to report, but those who make a person anxious is media choose the suicidal method of suicide perhaps description of very detailed ground to come out normally, in suffer numerous saw with one's own eyes is witnessed and between buccal ear according to legend, going up objectively to offer suicidal model for painting to potential follow-up suicide, bury next foreshadowing for next suicide incident. The United States has research data to show, the TV coverage of suicidal incident brings about teenage suicide rate to rise, media coverage is more, content is more detailed, suicidal rate ascendant range is bigger. To reduce the infectivity that star commits suicide, masses medium is necessary to maintain more cautious attitude when reporting suicidal incident.
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