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How to increase memory
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You can discover, a person is in the memory of student times often is best. Absorption attend a lecture, think seriously, skilled memory studies data, this is every student is in everyday of experience. Nevertheless, to me present, the feeling is done not have so absorption, memory also is inferior to previously, the knowledge that needs knowledge now especially is too much, impossible what thing is written down so clearly like student times, understand so lucidly.

A few skill that improve memory about utmost are below, agree with likewise student:

1, make a record more

Do not believe your memory too, piece of paper is being taken beside is not evildoing. Attending class when you or be in the home when, you can acquire you come down as notes notes with what think of, the thing understanding that writes down these next is lucid, this is great to your meaning.

2, review regularly

Think you see in the day, hear how many news, why do this need you namely everyday special put apart one part-time will review, perhaps make review. When you can do not have a thing in the late evening, beautiful 10-15 minute the note that makes to you is other perhaps any information are done review summary.

3, deep breathing

Giving cerebrum to charge to still have a simple idea is deep breathing, this contains oxygen mediumly to measure with raising cerebrum blood. When you when drowsiness is hazy in the morning, perhaps sleep in the evening when eye Xing Song, might as well try deep breathing, do not forget compensatory moisture at the same time, let you maintain regain consciousness and occupied do.

4, make more records

Want to accomplish this one step, you need to write down your idea, no matter you are busy job or twiddle one's thumbs. This may resemble it seems that is a few fragmentary idea and TODOList, but the idea through recording you, you yourself can want dry thing clearly more soberly, this meeting helps you make full use of oneself time completes the work that has planned.

5, do not do many business at the same time

If your computer and phone leave very nearly, so you can operate computer possibly at the same time sometimes and receive hear a telephone call. In addition, you send mail possibly still in the job at the same time, connection client perhaps updates your rich guest to wait a moment, do not want such doing! Do a business only at the same time, concentrate energy on this thing, finish quickly next it. Such doing won't interrupt your task list, you are OK very clear oneself what thing was not done, and can reduce the probability that make mistake.

6, associate memory

Want to remember a new issue quickly, a good idea is this new issue and you foregone old issue is contacted. OK also oneself resemble the connection between them by idle dream, such you can pass imaginary memory very quickly to return you to want to remember a thing coming up.
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