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Suicidal frequency passes crisis of psychology of financial storm aggravate

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Come 30 years the financial storm with the greatest whole world grows in intensity, sleeve in global couplet the big setting that helps city falls, each country stock market steeps fall continuously, let global banking system undergo stern test. And be in only the ” of “ black a week at the beginning of October, market prise of global stock market evaporates on average 25% the left and right sides, let industry of each country banking and hypostatic economy suffer gigantic defeat not only, more huge to investor and the relevant personage generation that are affected impact, cause series psychology problem, many people more do not put in a road 's charge because of what this is on the suicide.

On October 6, 2008, los angeles finance pulls Gulamu to be in from personnel of course of study shoot dead is hit by a bullet commit suicide after 5 relatives; On October 15, lu Yiqi of the member that futures of Chicago Commodity Exchange trades suffers a defeat because of investment, swallow gun commit suicide. And there is tragedy happening as much in home, on October 15, president of group of sugar industry of the grain in Guangdong holds a president concurrently, the Pang Guixiong of " of king of person " candy from abode 23 buildings jump down a body to die; 16 days, president of oily limited company of Sichuan Camry plant thanks Gui Hua from office building 7 buildings jump down a body to die, the outside guesses 2 people jump generally the slump in price of the reason of the building and option market is concerned.

The suicidal episode that frequency sends makes compatriots cogent feel the power with financial vast storm, the height that also causes the serious psychology problem that all circles causes to financial crisis pays close attention to. The warning weighed World Health Organization recently, global banking crisis may bring about aggravate of mental health problem. This financial crisis causes a lot of people to become impoverished unemployed perhaps, the likelihood causes suicidal phenomenon aggravate.

According to health Mr. Xiao Dan introduces the psychological expert of 863 nets, the economic crisis on the history, ever caused frequent suicidal incident, we should not underestimate the psychological disaster that financial storm may cause. On October 24, 1929, wall street calamity causes giant suicide tide, dow Jones index dropped that day 20% , dying greatly dish inside a hour that produce, 11 adventurer suicide dies, after this, jump the building, hang oneself, incident as one falls that uses gas suicide; On October 19, 1987, wall street erupts the biggest burst on the history dish incident, path • Jones the index falls in the day amount to 22.6% , the person mind of tens of thousands of breaks down, jump the building commits suicide; 1997 when Asian banking crisis, japan, Korea and rate of suicide of Hong Kong male rise 40% , female suicide rate rose 20% .

Mr. Xiao Dan points out, be faced with when financial order break down, when market panic sentiment spreads, most person is pecuniary loss already depressed, the rice bowl that also changes for the likelihood and domestic financial standing feel insecurity and anxiety. Especially those disastrous in financial storm investor, psychological pole easy unbalance, the choice is on a blind alley. Want to adjust a variety of negative sex moods, the pressure that we want manage him Qing Dynasty above all is to come from real financial crisis pressure, still come from anticipated psychological pressure. In differentiate Qing Dynasty after external state of affairs, we need to had made sufficient preparation on psychology and behavior, the sentiment that reinforces an individual on one hand is fought control capacity, adjust oneself life pattern on one hand, broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure will answer predicament, be in at the same time when feeling helpless, seek another person as far as possible give aid to with assistance, seasonable and slow oneself mood, reduce psychological gloomy tie, if psychological problem still perplexes him ceaselessly, can seek the help of psychological doctor.

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