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Man " henpecked " be be afraid of wife or fond of daughter-in-law?
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This thing has good outer part since ancient times, in “ male honour the feudal society of female low ” , man external the name that the ” inside cheap of a “ replaced wife avoid as taboo, it is high and mighty very. But in fact “ henpecked ” from ancient up to now, the society that is a kind of extensive existence is actual, henpecked man will arrive from the monarch the guest of bookman Chinese ink, lackey that peddle a husband, numerous, countless.

Henpecked emperor, with Tang Weicheng of the Sui Dynasty. Di Yangjian of article of the Sui Dynasty is forced when developing to wife alone Gu impawn does not get concubinage, should go up imperial hind is difficult also close woman's charms, yang Jian ever ran away from home accordingly, bei breathes out: “ I is expensive for the emperor, and do not get freedom! ” . The emperor's henpecked story had more brilliant add in Tang Chao piece. Wu Zetian not only after palace clears away Li Zhi of husband Tang Gaozong so that take docile note, still alsoed look after the world, want even go to court to sit side by side, “ calls 2 emperor ” in face.

Henpecked bookman, song Chao's famousest blame Chen Jichang not is belonged to, see even Su Dongpo no less than going to, write down “ to hear a river suddenly east lion growl, bastinado of lean on a stick falls control is spellbound. The line of ” will replace his shout abuses in the street. Recent learning everybody Hu Kuo criterion not only take delight in talking about at “PTT” (be afraid of a madam) association, still appeal men scrupulously abide by alleged “ 3 from 4 get ” , should follow to the madam from, obedient, implicit; Wait so that the madam makes up, remember wife birthday, bear so that the madam beats and scold, madam of be willing to part with or use spends money.

Compare the ancestors of “ henpecked ” , modern man is more magnanimous, can put down figure most with Shanghai man especially among them, cite the word of some Shanghai young man says: Doesn't “ henpecked with respect to “ ” ? A is pulled with respect to “ dread ” , “ dread ” arrives till Nong Ge be perfectly satisfied. Nong Ge be perfectly satisfied, a is pulled also be loved dead by Nong Ge! Henpecked ” of ” man “ can “ dread ” arrives this state, “ dread ” arrives so one is assured and bold with justice, it is the progress of the times really.

However although “ is henpecked ” from ancient up to now not rarely seen, many people still think “ henpeckeding ” has those who lose a man is creditable with dignity, to man “ henpecked ” , it is to be afraid that wife still is fond of daughter-in-law after all, also opinions vary from beginning to end. Healthy Mr. Xiao Dan of 863 psychology net thinks, what henpecked to “ ” differs is cognitive, result from the to male position different fixed position in each one heart. And the analysis of psychological cause of formation of henpecked to man “ ” , answer to set out actually from what differ, cannot simple end is “ craven bold wife ” .
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