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5 principles of bed of child of choose and buy

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Baby resembles vernal seed rice, one day grows. To lovely " small seed " for, the bed may be it is the most important to accompany them to grow, also be to wash out the furniture with top rate at the same time. A what kind of children bed to choose to baby? Choose children bed what to problem should note?

Baby passes 3 years old, you can discover that always is tangling to want the bub that you hold in the arms before, become sensible overnight it seems that, became independent a lot of. Should be to allow he and parental cent room, sleep alone one room when. Fasten first urgent, in let him change sleep before children bed, want to prepare an appropriate bed first, they like safe and practical children bed!
Principle one: The eye that uses good-for-nothing or queer character will purchase
◆ tries to consider from the angle of baby, seek his opinion
When you are decorating this to belong to their one's own little world alone for baby, where is the opinion that has sought baby?
Want to know, the dot of 3 years old of above has begun to have his idea! Because this respects baby to reach furniture formative be fond of to space, colour, can let them realize them importance and independent character early. Accordingly, before clever parents is making a decision, scarcely wants oversight: The household that lets baby participate in you decorates cavalcade of choose and buy, respect their right, opinion and opinion, let them have " be respected " feeling. Ask he likes what kind of design, where to plant tonal he feels happier.
Principle 2: Strive for in limited space the biggest practical
The bed with ◆ great the president of an association or society
The bed is changed 3 two years impossibly as big furniture,
And baby grows ceaselessly. The children bed that if you want to select a piece of quite can contented child,each period need, so choose the sort of the head of a bed, end board but fold, can adjust spun bed can yet be regarded as is lifted wisely.
◆ is stereo the bed that uses a space
If the children house of your home is not big, to give baby more game spaces, make full use of double deck bed of the space also is a very good choice. Lower level sleeps for baby, superstratum can become the public place of entertainment of baby, still can pile up all sorts of toys, convenient old person or baby-sitter take care of baby. But small to the age for disingenuous bub, double deck bed has risk it seems that, mammy can choose installation to protect column, one is installed for baby when needing, by keep out.
The bed that ◆ can combine freely
Baby likes change. So the sort of different growing period that can get used to baby, combination happens the countless different beds that arrange plan very pretty good also oh. A basic bed can become wear bed, fluctuation bed, L form bed, one glyph high to combine, also can answer in order to alternate unvarnished. In the meantime, bed and slide, desk, chest, bookshelf, tent also can have all sorts of combination, change change! To baby one envisages a space!

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