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How to choose a bed?

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The time that should have slept to want to sleep again already is little must satisfy the following element:

When no matter be side,lying on his back, can make the body maintains nature to loosen condition. Namely when side lies, carry spinal column rachis maintains to become shallow "s" when flat; lies on his back model, the waist (lumbar) slightly up protruding.

Can avoid to be out of shape by rachis so cause interverbebral disc local press press, fag is oppressive interverbebral disc of a day, especially lumbar interverbebral disc gets rest mixing repair, reduce lumbar disease thereby (if lumbar interverbebral disc is outstanding) happen. Already interverbebral disc highlights sick person, also won't be caused because of interverbebral disc press press and aggravating illness.

The lumbar acerbity backache that can avoid back muscle to long-term insecurity gets power and be caused so, it is lumbar flesh firm caustic even.

2 bodies and bed have bigger interface to accumulate, can say to contact an area to had been jumped over greatly more. Invite the body each inches of human body the bed of bring into contact with of utmost is held in the palm, satisfy different system bodily form thereby, the person to Morpheus requirement of different weight, can reduce the local pressure of the body so, especially the humeral ministry that weight centers and coxal pressure, reduce the body local what arise because of press press is unwell feel with tenderness, maintain hematic arteries and veins expedite. Because sick feeling can stimulate cerebrum, increase turn over frequency, make cerebrum cannot get sufficient rest.

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