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The home of Morpheus----Of the bed change
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Board bed---Ximengsai----Sanitarian bed: Do not know you to be done not have alertly, before a few years the most apparent, the most conspicuous decoration perhaps is the thing of the and so on such as ark of on any account, sofa, small home appliance, but the most conspicuous now is not these, get along with our a very short time however, accompany the bed of person lifetime. The truth is very simple, because lay vivid improvement, the idea of people already wherefrom is planted pay attention to beautiful, practical model articles for daily use to health care model changed.

The time of the person that has 1/3 all one's life is spent on the bed, can be imagined, the bed is in lifetime what kind of the person is important. These year, the development advance rapidly that the bed provides, more and more tone is high-grade, exquisite, pay attention to the quality of a material of pattern, lubricious harmonic material more and more. About the bed change, perhaps people memory was returned again once upon a time. Be in 5, 60 time, average household great majority is to use cotton embryo to make mattress, below cotton embryo or it is wooden bed frame strung with crisscross coir ropes, or it is board. New pily embryo is more loose, permeability is not bad also, but through period of time, pily squeezing ramming hardened, sweat sends out not easily, bring about cotton to fill up moisture, lose flexibility and pulling force, arrive playday, housewife people take out a quilt to go to the outside in succession air is basked in, ave lane often appears " colored flag " .

In those days, people brains is simpler, what is beautiful, want petty gain to be able to warm the person went only. Then some places appeared to shop the situation that certificate buys beds of 78 yuan of a piece of board. To later, faddish mattess of an expanded plastics. However, expanded plastics mattess still did not solve the problem that breathe freely and keeps for a long time stretch. And people discovery, it is easier than pily embryo damp, bigger to the person's side-effect.

Enter 80 age, "Xi Mengsai " sweep across great river north and south. This is revolutionary change when the bed provides undoubtedly. Look in people, although this kind of bed is a few more expensive, but it is dweller optimal a kind, wait to be made integratedly by rope of bedspring, foam-rubber cushion, palm because of it, can longer keep flexible, its dredge sex is pretty good still also, because its interlining is of dredge, breathe freely easily. Enter 90 age, the life pace of people, handle affairs frequency was accelerated, often feel exhaustion is borne hard. Then people the bed beautiful put the first place with sanitarian action, so that be mixed with abundant energy,physical strength is thrown the following day the job. Researcher also strengthened the research to bedding and investment in succession.

These two years, contain health protection model a series of mattess emerge as the times require. Current, one part other people used high-grade magnetic and healthy mattess, although the price is a bit higher, also a lot of people generate interest to its. This kind of new-style mattess, with strong record magnet the place of easy exhaustion of clingy human body, make lines of force can produce better result. Its are natural abb fiber layer has good moisture absorption and scanty bright effect, add bubble of on two new material, maintained the flexibility of mattess and reproducibility. And be foldaway, facilitate carry and keep in store.
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