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Pick bed little skill
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1 soft hardness

The soft hardness of the bed and individual preference and subjective judgement are concerned, accordingly, also cannot the actor bad that sheet judges Morpheus quality with the soft hardness of mattess, but generally speaking, without giving thought to soft hard, high quality " bedspring of independent canister in bags " can provide the proper power that prop up. Consumer appropriate requirement tries personally lie, will experience oneself adaptable soft strong pitch.

What ※ must notice is, too soft bed cannot prop up the body, and excellent bed will be oppressive the body, both all can cause negative effect to human body health.

2 structures

The key of choose and buy of mattess is should notice to should accord with human body labour to learn on the structure, whether can the consideration offer human body to be propped up appropriately. Had better be to choose to be able to fill each position that asks the body alone, can comply with sex of human body curve, interference completely low " independent canister " spring-mattress.

Of ※ Simmons Xi Mengsai " bedspring of independent canister in bags " mattess, be your optimal choice.

3 dimension

When mattess of choose and buy, besides main comfortable, healthy demand, the arrangement that returns space of size of bodily form of individual of Lv of take an examination, bedroom is configured, and what future uses is outspread think etc.

4 exteriors are designed

Mattess design is traditional rectangle more commonly, relatively the demand that accords with human body dimension; Bed face gasket is unfavorable the stuff stuff of use heavy panel, lest disappear loses,independent canister supports the function of joint closely. Bed face cloth, may not is exquisite and luxuriant the flower is spruce, and should be beautiful with the cloth with tall permeability.

5 prices

When mattess of choose and buy, 10 thousand cannot think because of the price only, and the inferior mattess that chooses inferior quality! Just think, if you sleep lie on its, long hind does will vertebral to your back health cause the effect with tremendous what kind? !

What ※ believes you want truly is one piece is beneficial to vertebral health, conduce to the Simmons Xi Mengsai with Morpheus character, good product mattess.

6 brands credit

The choice is famous and the professional brand bedding with outstanding reputation, consumer is used rise also relatively set one's mind at. SimmonsR Xi Mengsai not only the whole world famous, brand is distinguished, outside can offerring the mattess of whole set dimension to offer consumer preference, still last ceaselessly research and development, and offer professional repose relevant knowledge gives consumption the public.