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How to choose a bed to taste

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Rise as what modern life flowing water makes the same score, people takes life quality seriously more and more, the bed with meeting better choice is tasted will raise comfortable rate. Thinking the person's lifetime to have 1/3 is spent on the bed, it is really cannot informal him treat unfairly oh! But, truly good bed is tasted is what kind of good, be afraid is not everybody it is clear to can differentiate.  

Will tell commonly, machine the cent on craft from pattern, can taste the bed divide roughly for printing, embroider and jacquard weave 3 kinds big.
1, printing is after showing cloth has been knitted, design imprints again go up, the color of printing product is bright-coloured and lively, pattern sort is various. Can divide commonly for active printing and dyeing and painty printing and dyeing two kinds. Among them, active printing and dyeing is namely in coloring and printing process, the active gene of dye and thread member form union, make dye and fiber form a whole. Make fabrics dustproof function is admirable, clean spend tall, lubricious prison tall. Of course many cost is higher than painty printing and dyeing also.
2, embroider is after showing cloth has been knitted, design goes up with machine embroider, the permeability that embroider product has, hygroscopic good wait for a characteristic.
3, jacquard weave is the design on fabrics points to when be being knitted, the yarn that uses different color is knitted those who rise, compare embroider fabrics and character, cost cost is higher, technology is more sophisticated, and the bed tastes a more downy and exquisite, glossiness better, feel much better, quality and permeability can be better, and more show nobility. So the price is in commonly 700 yuan of above. Can consult commonly with jacquard weave product the level that measures manufacturer.
The bed is tasted from fabrics textural cent still can be divided wait for tabby, twill, satin weave.
Above is a bed taste roughly classification, want to know the stand or fall that a bed tastes, must know the technical parameter that a few beds taste.

Measure the important parameter that the bed tastes:

1, the standard of the degree of finish that number is gauze. The gauze length with 1 heavy gram is how many meters, call how many. Make an example, one gram cotton is OK make it 40 meters gauze, that is 40; 1 gram cotton is OK make it 60 meters gauze, that is 60.
The number that is gauze in fact is higher, gauze is finer, jump over with such gauze weaving thin, cloth jumps over softness relatively comfortable. But the cloth requirement raw material with high number (cotton) character wants tall, and also ask to compare to the weaving factory of cotton mill and spin tall, the cost of cloth is so higher. The proposal chooses 40s or the bed of 40s above is tasted.
2, do not ignore density
This is everybody not quite watchful data, but density is very important! How many what show fabrics is arranged in unit length, be like density 173 × 124/ inch, show this fabric is in 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) inside length, classics to arrange have 173 gauze, broadwise is arranged have 124 gauze. General situation is told, density is bigger, production technology requirement and cost are higher.

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