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Love on soft bed is satisfied Morpheus
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The bed is the leading role of the bedroom, surround in soft big bed, no matter be chat, read, watch TV, still leaning close shut-eye arrives day break, it is very cozy job. Soft bed uses mercery, leather normally or leather cloth is united in wedlock and become, not only line is fluent soft beauty, warmth of colour and lustre is romantic, and be full of European amorous feelings, reflected the essence of European Morpheus culture and lifestyle. Soft bed just does frame with real wood more, fill confiscatory young cotton, aerospace cotton to wait, a few cheaper soft bed on the market is controlled in 3000 yuan, expensive in 10 thousand yuan of above. In modelling respect, soft bed broke the situation of unify the whole country of traditional rectangle bedstead, have circular bed already, also have rectangular bed,
The back cushion of some soft bed the head of a bed still can adjust height, returned some to place acoustics, can let overworked your companion of a day is worn music enters Mian. England is royal Zhaofu of president of division of industrial group China comes to carriage international to say to the reporter: "Soft bed photograph has a times to feel more to traditional bed, permeability is better, and be done easily, the cloth that resembles the head of a bed art can clean. Additionally soft bed often deserves to the bed that is the same as color or match colors is tasted, ark of the head of a bed, carpet, curtain, sofa, even canister of slipper, rubbish, make colour and space perfect and tie-in, act the role of again wait for adornment with small jacquard weave, embroidery, it is the action that makes the finishing point to arriving since the bedroom more. " soft bed is having a lot of advantage, but there also are many knowledges in process of choose and buy, soft bed of choose and buy sees bedstead whether bear fruit above all. Want to see the surface next, the soft bed lines with good quality is distinct, printing is full, cloth cover is exquisite. 3 it is to smell odour, the product taste with good quality is general and pure and fresh natural, without peculiar smell, if leave,pack smell pungent peculiar smell is like sour taste to wait, probable because the formaldehyde in the product or acid-base value exceed bid,be, had better not buy. Finally is to touch quality of a material, good product feel is comfortable and exquisite, have tight ness rating.