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How to choose a bed do you understand?

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When selling to bedding heat again, the bedding on market is counted deeply more, how can you just choose already substantial practical bedding? The personage inside travel says, just do not choose design absolutely, note the following and a lot of essential factor even: From the environment design angle sets out The pattern of bedding is a main essential factor, you choose pattern by your hobby also is manage place ought to. But because of bedding unlike dress, need be identical of as temperamental as the individual photograph only can, use in bedroom environment however, it is the prominent place in whole, harmonious environment. Must consider the characteristic of the harmonious sex with room environment and room function so. Choose different fabrics, can produce different result. Linen-cotton cloth is straightforward and enthusiastic, allover is simple and natural, riches and honour of silks and satins is luxuriant, velvet elegance is grave, brocade is antique, and although yarn woven fabric appears lightsome and cheesy, but the feeling with rough texture is warm, the feeling with glossy quality of a material is cool and refreshing. Material is accordingly different, visual effect is distinct, the atmosphere of creation each different, decorate Shi Kegen to occupy his pursuit and appeal choice. Fabrics Bedding of choose and buy, want to check the quality of fabrics above all, and the real quality of fabrics depends on its density above all, the number that says normally namely and gauze are counted. Because the density of cloth is higher it is good that asks pily quality also is jumped over, feel is softer, jump over luster, and demand of its production technology is higher also, no matter be pure cotton,still be cleanse cotton so, density jumps over good fabrics quality to had been jumped over. The product can show nobility more uncommon, the high quality breath of luxurious elegance. The longitude and latitude of eligible product fabrics of normal manufacturer is in commonly 76 × 68, longitude and latitude of false and inferior product criterion under 76 × 68. Density of abb of classics of fabrics of dream clean product already achieved 110 × 76, 136 × 76, gauze raises 45 × 45, many cover pure cotton density to achieve 136 × 76, gauze raises 45 × 45, raise density of abb of classics of fabrics of high density pure cotton high to be as high as 173 × 142, gauze raises 60 × 60.
----Next, fabrics quality acquires quality in Yu Jiyin. The product with good quality, lifelike of its pattern printing and dyeing, lifelike, do not have already edition imprint, off color, also do not have phenomenon of smudgy, decolour, and false and inferior product has clear off color, edition to imprint, decolour happens at any time.
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