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Hard bed, thick bed is not ideal bed

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People improves his life quality in effort everyday, him care the body, however often oversight Morpheus quality. Lumbar acerbity backache is the common disease of modern, besides office habit, sitting position is incorrect outside, the mainest reason and Morpheus fail to be achieved adequately loosen reach rest action to concern, and this is mixed mostly again the quality of the bed and put have very big concern. Expert of association of Chinese interior decoration expresses, some people often feel to sleep in the evening bad, or it is to sleep tiredder more, because people is being bought,be the bed is mixed place a bed from time to tome a few easy the error that is ignored. People should break normal thinking formulary, a piece of bed can change one individual life quality.

Thinking error hard bed, thick bed is not ideal bed

Normally the circumstance falls, always feel hard when bed of person selected choose, mattess is thick, bedspring is much have profit to the body, the fact is not such, expert of association of Chinese interior decoration reminds: Sleep hard bedplate is not certain and healthy, mattess is too hard, although be not sent,affect spinal health badly, but shoulder and hip get power, feeling letting a person is sick. Be like the word with painful backbone of certain person waist, more unfavorable sleep hard board bed, lest the illness is exasperate, berth is filled up than sleeping mattess wants health much.

Mattess is not more thick more the ply of good mattess follows it bear hold force in the palm to do not have inevitable impact. . . . . .

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