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Girl somnambulate mounts 40 meters of tower crane

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Girl somnambulate mounts 40 rice tower crane

Go on condole arm the on the spot after walking along a paragraph is asleep, police saves his with hydraulic elevator fall

A person mounts a few meters tall tower crane, the likelihood is to should commit suicide, the likelihood is to consider put on a show of force, but also may be merely in somnambulate. England sufferred from the girl of somnambulism to mounted 40 meters tall tower crane below Morpheus condition a few days ago, go on condole arm after walking along a paragraph actually on the spot sleeps peacefully.

The girl lies tower crane alarms police

Will report on July 6 according to British media, local time on June 25 before dawn, have people tone Daerweiji presses down suburb of hastily Xiang Lundui south bureau of downhill railway police is called, say to be in construction site to see a little girl crouchs on a few meters tall tower crane around motionless, suspect she wants to commit suicide.

Police and fire control branch act instantly, that day before dawn 1 when hurry to the spot 30 minutes, everybody heart is very nervous at that time, the meeting after afraid girl sees them rage jumps down. But a firemen is cautious climb the girl beside when, discover she sleeps however sweet.

Live in near construction site

Whole rescued the action to last two half hours, last police used hydraulic elevator to receive the child. Send her toward the hospital to have general physical checkup instantly next, will regained consciousness again after affirming its are completely healthy the girl that come over remanded.

A spokesman shows London police, the girl's home lives around that construction site. "We did not arrest anyone, her mom tells us, the girl suffers from somnambulism, the girl also admitted this. " this spokesman says.

Know to cold sweat is risked continuously after the truth

Police believes, this girl of 15 years old is apparently in the somnambulate after be asleep, sneak away insensibly gave a door, another pace mounts tower crane, the inter bends over to be asleep after taking a paragraph of narrow condole arm. "She says him whats do not know, but an air conditioning was smoked after knowing everything, want to know, be in 40 meters tall place, take a false step falls to be met have one's body smashed to pieces. "

Somnambulism patient makes a few move that make an ordinary person amazed via regular meeting, the Asade Yibaihe of center of diagnosis and treatment of London Morpheus sickness tells a reporter, the somebody in the patient that he has examined Ceng Meng You Shiqi horse perhaps drives, among them a the fiercest " actuate of within an inch of his helicopter " . He says: Mu of small cup of Zhong of Ao of glutinous of to shirk of close ≡ of  of alliance of bud of Li of  of Xi of obstruct of cochlea of Wo of Xin of bless of ⒆ of foot of ⑾ of Quan  is taken an examination of wash rice armpit of Zheng  ⑶ irrigates ぁ of Chinese toon of silk of  humorous fan! ?

There is one person in 10 people ever somnambulate

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