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The man is sitting to also can sleep by day Guangxi diagnose first sleep spasmod

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Liuzhou city man of 25 years old one special be addicted to sleeps, although days often also is sitting,can be asleep. Recently, morpheus of Guangxi of hospital of classics municipality people breathes examination of center of sickness diagnosis and treatment, he is Guangxi first diagnose sleep spasmodically ill patient.

As we have learned, this man already had be addicted to of 6 years to sleep history. Director Liu Jiangong of center of diagnosis and treatment of sickness of breath of Morpheus of Guangxi of municipal people hospital and Liu boat advocate treated a doctor to undertake to him detailed medical history is collected with medical, outside discovering he sleeps besides excessive by day be addicted to, still have fall asleep psychedelic with Morpheus paralytic wait to sleep spasmodically ill clinical expression, because this undertook to him,guide Morpheus pursues more all night examination and daytime for many times nap is preclinical experiment. The result shows: This man 5 nap are average Morpheus is preclinical it is 1 minute of 25 seconds only, quick look moves Morpheus (REM) 15, diagnose is sleep spasmodically ill. Current, this patient is after the cure that take drug, the illness improves apparently.

Liu Jiangong says, sleep spasmodically disease is the Morpheus disease that a kind of pathogeny has not make clear completely, its are main and clinical expression sleeps for excessive by day be addicted to, abrupt falls, fall asleep psychedelic with Morpheus paralytic. Sleep spasmodically disease is in the incidence of a disease of western country 20/100000 to 60/100000, be in our country also is a kind of scarce disease. Broad clinician, patient and its family member lack understanding to this disease, often cause by accident examine. Liu Jiangong points out, although sleep spasmodically ill incidence of a disease is not high, but its endanger a gender to not allow to ignore, its are main and clinical expression is by day excessive be addicted to sleeps, fall in quiet or drab environment especially, often produce what cannot defy to fall asleep fit, affect the patient's job and study badly. Additional, occurrence abrupt pours the patient that restricts half the number, reflection disappears, but consciousness is clear. Because excessive be addicted to sleeps to fall and cause different consequence with abrupt, children cannot learn normally and undertake sports activity, adult job ability is reduced, produce all sorts of accidents even. She appeals course is right related each the patient that has this kind of clinical show tries to notice, the person that make have above symptom through conduct propaganda of medical sanitation knowledge goes to center of conditional hospital Morpheus disease in time to undertake check and be remedialed.

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