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How much does Morpheus disease know
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Speak of Morpheus illness, seem to be able to talk without how many word, still do not sleep to be not worn namely! But this is a kind of misunderstanding, the content that Morpheus disease includes but true many. Insomnia, sleep to be not worn the mainest disease, can you sleep too much to calculate do not calculate disease? Get up suddenly when Morpheus blusterous, or be go in disorder everywhere calculate do not calculate disease? Also calculate of course! So Morpheus disease can divide 3 kinds big: One kind is to sleep too less; One kind is to sleep too much, be addicted to sleeps; Another kind is unusual move appears in Morpheus, alleged and unusual Morpheus.

Learned the formulate, Chinese spirit disease that carry to suffer from classification and revision of diagnostic standard the second edition by China spirit division 1995 (CCMD-2-R) in have " Morpheus and arousal obstacle " , this is home is active, classify and diagnose a standard more authoritatively, excerpt is as follows now:

(1) insomnious disease

Point to comparative continuously of pair of long Morpheus pledge and measure dissatisfactory situation, cannot the main standard that with statistical normal Morpheus time regards diagnostic insomnia as. Knot insomnia has worry or scared psychology can form vicious circle, make card account exists continuously thereby.

(2) be addicted to sleeps disease

Morpheus is overmuch by day, be not Morpheus to be not worth be caused by, not be medicaments, head implement qualitative sex disease or body disease be caused by, also not be obstacle of some kind of spirit (be like neurasthenic, depressed disease) one part.

(3) sleep a disease

Appear in Morpheus normally before 1/3 paragraph sleep greatly period, get up indoors or outdoors walk, or do some of diurnal groovy activity at the same time, do not have language activity commonly, the inquiry also does not reply, can return automatically more continue to sleep on the bed, second morning awakes cannot recollect, see more at children girl.

(4) nocturnal Jing

Cheeper is abrupt in Morpheus cry in fear, cry cry, companion has terrified expression and movement, and the heartbeat adds fast, breath hurried, perspire, pupil enlarges symptom of classics of fetish waiting for establish. Break out inside shorter after night sleep time normally, break out every time continuously 1~10 minute.

(5) nightmare

Sleep lightly suddenly for nightmare from inside Morpheus, can distinct to the horrible content in dream recollection, still one's heart still fluttering with fear. Break out in night sleep later period normally.