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It is wrong and dangerous that Morpheus breath increases rhythm of the heart mus
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The report such as Mehra of university of American Case Western Reserve, morpheus breath is disorder (SDB) patient produces the danger with nightly wrong rhythm of the heart to increase.

This research studies to Morpheus heart health (two groups of sexual distinction in SHHS) , age, phyletic with weight index (the studies a target rhythm of the heart that BMI) matchs is wrong produced a circumstance to undertake comparative, one group is 228 SDB patient (breathe 30) of disorder index ≥ , another group of person that do not have SDB for 338 (breathe disorder index <5) .

The result shows, a variety of rhythm of the heart of SDB group are wrong occurence rate all age of classics of; of group of SDB of blame of remarkable prep above, sexual distinction, BMI and coronary heart disease come on after the jumbly element such as the circumstance is corrective, SDB group produces a room to quiver, be not durative room sex tachycardia and different of complexity room sex rhythm of the heart (blame is durative room sex is law of tachycardia, 2 couplet, triplex law or 4 couplet law) danger is blame SDB group respectively 4.02 times, 3.4 times with 1.74 times; in addition, the frequency of wrestle of room sex different with SDB horary group also compares blame SDB group much 75% .

Study clew: Wrong danger compares the nightly rhythm of the heart of patient of DB of 萐 of elder brother Xin tall 1~3 of the person that be not SDB times. If can more research confirm it is wrong and dangerous that remedial SDB can reduce rhythm of the heart, wrong check gives the rhythm of the heart when should raising Morpheus breath to monitor so rate and report rate.