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Morpheus breath suspends may be being concerned with impediment

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One considers to discover, impediment and a kind of stertorous dangerous form (call Morpheus breathing halt) the likelihood is relative, these two kinds of symptoms perhaps are the result that childhood head ministry is damaged. The group of a research that Luo Shan Ji adds manage blessing Ni Yada to learn discovers, in the patient of Morpheus breath time-out that studies in them, almost 40% have have impediment in children period.

Morpheus breath time-out is stertorous dangerous form, the patient can stop breath several times every night. According to thinking, the heart disease incidence of a disease of this kind of patient is higher. The nerve biologist Ronald that heads this research breaths out Dr. Po to plant in a report say: "Come a few years, we think all the time, morpheus breath time-out is amygdala increases, lesser or jaw ministry is guttural after be in redundant and adipose accumulation to bring about spirit way stricture, cause. Consider to make clear, ministry of brain of patient of Morpheus breath time-out is in charge of controlling area of spirit way sarcous to return existence to link string problem. These problems cause the cause of this kind of symptom namely probably. These problems cause the cause of this kind of symptom namely probably..

Researcher became the cerebral ministry that resembles breathing suspensive patient and 21 healthy people to 21 Morpheus to undertake comparative with magnetism resonance. The result makes clear, the grizzle of patient of Morpheus breath time-out is qualitative (namely cerebral cell) decrease apparently. The loss is the biggest is to participate in language, movement and affective area. The serious degree that the head injures and the serious rate that Morpheus breath suspends are direct and relevant. Afore-mentioned area of ministry of healthy person head suspend a patient than Morpheus breath big 2%---18% .

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