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Partial sleeping pill can accentuate breath of old person Morpheus suspends be b
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Morpheus breath suspends be being asked for integratedly is one of serious problems that affect senile health, snore of clinical the breathing time-out that goes up to break out in order to relapse, severe retype,

Be addicted to sleeps by day for the feature, when can causing serious show effect disease of low oxygen blood (can send hypertensive, cardiac muscle to be short of what wrong, aggravating pneumonia causes blood, rhythm of the heart

Anoxic wait) with disease of blood of tall carbonic acid, bring about the harm of systematic viscera function, cause leap of old people chronic, healthy to old people harm cannot low

Appraise. This disease can divide the sex that it is a place of strategic importance to breathe time-out (block of the upper respiratory tract poses obstacle of take a breath) , centre sex Morpheus breathes time-out (obstacle of breathing centre function)

With mixture sex breath suspends waiting for 3 kinds big. Among them, with block sex breath suspends seeing more most.

The reason that causes Morpheus to breathe time-out to be asked for integratedly is very much, but majority and fat tension of ministry of pharynx of sex of the physiology in reaching old people Morpheus is reduced about.

General reason condition, be in arousal condition to fall by day, glossal flesh and oral cavity are other muscle group to prevent block, all be in contractive condition, respiratory tract air but

Freedom is mobile; But these muscle when Morpheus group contractive reaction drops, flabby, with stricture of the upper respiratory tract is compared when arousal. Although do not have a shadow to normal person

Noisy, but fat person or when tonsil is corpulent, pharynx ministry muscle is flabby, bring about pharynx antrum stricture. Produce concussion through narrow when air current, go out thereby

Show snore, make resistance of the upper respiratory tract increases further, block of nose pharynx ministry is caused finally short when cannot breathe, serious when every night can appear a few times,

Even hundreds of. Serious breath suspends can causing old people sudden death.

Morpheus breath suspends be being asked for integratedly, answer to have treatment in the light of the reason.

Old people Morpheus is overmuch by day, nightly relapse arousal or insomnia. Sleeping pill often is taken when having this kind of appearance, integrated to be being put in breath to pause

Solicit a patient, can make breath suspends accentuation. What at the same time breathing time-out asks for the Morpheus of old people integratedly to be main show with insomnia is more, fallibility is taken sleep peacefully

Medical treatment, and aggravating illness. In commonly used sleeping pill content, stable kind sleeping pill is had restrain respiration, do not have clear picture to healthy crowd

Noisy. But the patient that solicits patient and disease of lung of chronic block sex integratedly to time-out of old people, breath, want special attention. Especially among them boast Xi Pan (fluorine
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