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The bed provides influence Morpheus
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News background: Enough sleep, balanced diet and proper motion, it is 3 healthy levels with international accepted society, but the Chinese is apparent to the understanding of Morpheus importance far insufficient. Huang Xizhen of director of Chinese Morpheus seminar ever pointed out, the heart disease of the hypertensive case of illness of 1/3 and 1/5 is caused by undesirable Morpheus. The platoon manages besides individual heart besides physiology problem, choosing a good mattess is the key that promotes Morpheus quality undoubtedly.

A few days ago, the reporter visited contest this, 100 benefit, happy event comes the Shenyang household such as house sells, made thorough visit to the choose and buy of mattess, make a high grade family for you " Morpheus center " .

   Be fond of of husband and wife is different: Can use minute of mattess

"I like to sleep hard bed, and my husband likes to sleep however soft bed. The settlement that divide a bed and sleeping is only method? " the problem that Miss Zhang encounters consumer, believe a lot of husband and wife had been encountered. Husband and wife sinks gently because of weight difference, Morpheus, be in same piece of requirement that two people already cannot satisfy at the same time on mattess.

"Actually this problem can pass modern design completely to solve. Double mattess is at present high-grade bed place provides some human nature to change a design. Open bedplate, can be clear that seeing pieces of whole bed is the mattess composition that becomes independent by two, its norms, appearance is identical, juncture place also accomplished perfect confluence. " the United States is gotten beautiful the salesperson demonstrates to tell a reporter at the same time at the same time, because turn over,such design avoided to wait sleep the rock that appearance brings to mattess, assured the Morpheus quality of both sides of husband and wife.

"Besides using minute of mattess, man and woman because of its body configuration different, the strength propping up of requirement mattess and the width that prop up also cannot identical. " when rich carat salesperson reveals mattess of a cent to the reporter, say, "The humeral ministry of special mattess should mix the man wide quite a few softer, and the hip of special mattess mixes the woman wide quite a few softer, such ability can achieve the most comfortable result that prop up. "

  7 areas mattess: Caress systemic place

"This buys mattess to still have many paying attention to really. " consumer Mr Zhang to the reporter " complaint " , he bought a common mattess year ago, although just began,hold out comfortable, but time grew more and more feel not close-fitting, "Listen to salesperson introduction this time to just know mattess returns partition. "

"Partition is not actually fresh, but now is to share finer and finer, differentiate to differ into 7 according to human body head, neck, shoulder, vertebra, waist, buttock, leg area, the flexibility of every area, material each are not identical. " the salesperson plain young lady that Mu Saiqin has tells a reporter, "Drive because of modern and volt case working hours is longer, created the burden of cervical vertebra and lumbar. Mattess partition can pass the flexibility of different area, according to the body each place weight are calculated accurately, the need when laying down has the support of proper hardness, the mattess of rich flexibility can make each place joint loosens the whole body, get rest adequately thereby. "
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