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Front of the head of a bed affects Morpheus
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Morpheus quality not disease of disease of beautiful, arthritis, cervical vertebra, breath already became in recent years domestic average sees a disease, and come on the age is young change serious. But most person still basically is only from eat and drink and take exercise on search settle way, oversight the element of indoor environment health, vogue is decorated in the home and even some of youth did not notice to beg decoration of housing choice, decorate is undeserved, the likelihood gives health brought hidden trouble. The expert reminds a citizen to know the error that this respect exists as soon as possible for this, increase " household is healthy " the knowledge of the respect.

Mr Zhang bought a bridal chamber, he sees the building of new design is low windowsill, of one mind thinks recumbent low windowsill puts a big bed. He feels, such leak more unobstructed. Cannot think of, after his occupy bridal chamber every day difficult Mian. So although the area of the head of a bed increased, but nightly all sorts of brightness, sound sleeps lightly constantly he, influence Morpheus. Relevant expert points out: Generally speaking, building wall can be divided the wall outside be and inside wall. Outside wall (with adjacent of the photograph outdoor) often humidity is high, difference in temperature is big; Inside wall (break up indoor room) relative humidity is low, difference in temperature is small, because this suggests a the head of a bed is recumbent inside the wall sleeps and not recumbent corner sleeps, just fall ill not easily. To the youth character, the wall outside still feeling in the end leans possibly sleeps what can have unwell, but when aged when, may produce the chronic illness such as cervical vertebra disease, rheumatism.

Decorate Morpheus of too complex easy interference

Fashionable Miss Li will be away on official business every time goods of the appliance of pottery and porcelain of the choose and buy when travel, woodcarving, giant folding fan and sheepskin ox horn, include the ornamental such as fork of wooden knife wood to taste full set out to be mixed at the sitting room indoor, can become her occupy bridal chamber a few week hind, with respect to ineffable be perturbed. Read a book in the study repeatedly, also do not issue a heart to come surely, look not to go in.

The doctor says the building is decorated cannot too numerous and complicated is complex, want to accord with the function of the bedroom on colour. For instance measurable red light energy gives a person a kind of warm sense; But use in the bedroom too bright-coloured tonal, can affect Morpheus quality. In the meantime, the head of a bed that sleep is not used too exaggerated is acted the role of article, otherwise nightly it is easy to awake oneself frighten oneself, cause adverse effect. In the bedroom, also do not provide the acoustics of high-power and system of movie and TV, too intense sense organ stimulation is accepted before sleep, cause a person too excited, can disturb Morpheus, cause the undesirable consequence with fall asleep difficult.
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