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Insomnia and stertorous become health two big invisible killer
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According to Yangzhou a few large hospitals are not complete statistic, because Morpheus problem sees a doctor to the hospital,have on 1000 person-time every months. The expert points out, 4 become a citizen once or experiencing sleep-disorder, but should do it what disease sees a doctor to be less than 1/4 truly. The reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, what affect people Morpheus quality at present is main have two kinds of big reasons: Insomnia and stertorous.


To treat insomnia, one day takes 9 bead sleeping pill

Case: Mr. Huang is a retired old teacher, this year 72 years old, sleep-disorder perplexes her to be as long as 30 old. The likelihood is the reason that goes up because of the job, mr. Huang considers a problem to want much place than average person, young when the problem appears on Morpheus. General in the evening after 8 o'clock, she promotes any social activities, do not watch TV, do not talk, begin " shut the door to think of sleep " . Do not cross this " think of " time is quite long, ability is asleep mistily after 11 o'clock, and all round cannot have any voice. Once midway awakes, often be goggle to dawn. Mr. Huang to treat this disease, once one day has eaten 9 stable, but go up besides spirit dejected, did not bring what good result to Morpheus. Mr. Huang tells a reporter, so old come she did not sleep it is good to cross become aware, not only him heart angst, also feel compunctious to the family member, because oneself lie on the bed, the family member dare not go out aloud, also put even TV voice the smallest. Mr. Huang is brought about because of hypertension recently right half body cannot alter a serious illness, this lets her thought go up more nervous, morpheus became the greatest burden in her life.

The reporter investigates discovery, manager of student, teacher, company waits for the heavy disaster area that is insomnious crowd. This kind of person often passes because of pressure big and cause insomnious worry. Doctor of Zhao of internal medicine of nerve of North Jiangsu hospital Chairman Hai Ning tells a reporter, this kind of patient will see a doctor, can be treated with blame mainstream medicine, allude and encourage what give him more mentally sometimes the effect is very apparent also.

Comment on: Zhao Haining introduces, sleep-disorder is more roughly psychology or physiology disease, basically cause by the mood such as blue, angst, excitement; Physiology disease is for instance by a few disease the disease on the respiratory system such as nose perhaps, larynx causes central nervous. The patient is best oneself do not take medicine casually cure. Doctor Zhao cited a such case, citizen plum young lady, because the job is,3 fall, morpheus is so bad all the time, herself chooses to eat stable will solve, use only at the beginning eat to solve a problem, but to ceaseless however later grow in quantity, want to eat 8 ability to assure Morpheus now. Chairman Zhao represents, this is the result with undeserved go to a doctor, still advocate a patient to the problem comes to the hospital, the doctor can use the method of the many sided such as psychology, medicaments, instrument to treat according to patient condition.
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