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It is ill that the old person wakes early
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To most person, nightly Morpheus needs 78 hours, can retire for the night on time and get up, but some people especially old people, nightly fall asleep not very difficult, awake early in before dawn however, after waking, cannot fall asleep again, does this kind of circumstance calculate do not calculate insomnious disease?

Human Morpheus is put in individual difference, the Morpheus of same person also can grow as a result of the age and produce change. As the consenescence of cerebrum and body, morpheus changes subsequently, early morning excretive insomnia

 The old person wakes early may not is ill

Some old people often complain, "Although can be asleep,become aware, but wake too early namely " , "Woke in the middle of the night, also slept to be not worn again " . Be informed via careful inquiry, they slept at 78 o'clock in the evening, before dawn awakes at 34 o'clock. Appear Morpheus time also has 78 hours, nonexistent Morpheus problem.

Deputy secretary-general of group of coordination of scientific research of sleep-disorder of prevention and cure of countrywide traditional Chinese medical science makes fine say, the sequential likelihood that awakes early has two kinds: One kind is energy of the consciousness after waking restores, do not want to sleep again, and won't have any effects to diurnal activity accordingly, this cannot count actually insomnious disease, it is habit of a kind of Morpheus only just. And another kind is after waking still dozy but cannot fall asleep again, can feel fatigued by day, distracted, think of sleep reach take a nap, attention drops, handle affairs loss of efficiency, this should consider to whether be insomnious disease.

This shows, waking early is not ill certainly, only those occurrence Morpheus are not worth the person of expression that wake early, just be clammy. The insomnious patient that wakes early is in normally after be asleep for some time, awake suddenly indescribably, appear very sober, think reentry sleeps to do not have drowsiness however. It is together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind subsequently, have a plenty of memory, have a plenty of speculation, have a plenty of think repeatedly around a certain content. Anyhow is brain in cranky, tumultuous, think the person is more calorific more, think the heart jumps over be agitated more, next the day break such as bitter, almost every day such, do exhaustedly.

  The old person wakes early insomnia or send gawkish

Wake early insomnia calls " of " terminal insomnia again, this is opposite at " start insomnia "- - fall asleep difficulty. Think to wake commonly turn time shifts to an earlier date 2 hours than ever above, consider as wake early.

What old people needs special attention is, because the age is old,sleeping to be not worn in the morning is not only, because contract the disease of Morpheus respect,returning a likelihood is. Because some need Morpheus disease of cure,also meet ebb as body functionary and accentuate. Clinical observation discovers, wake early insomnia basically sees at pressure of of all kinds life business of big, job, depressed disease is mixed patient of mental psychogenic disorder, live especially the old people that presses muscularity sees more, a lot of old people appear the original symptom of psychogenic disorder wakes early namely insomnia, accompany have irritating symptom, serious meeting is brought about spend mental obstacle gently, senile domentia also has definite correlation with its. What be in the person that pathology sex wakes early for a long time to return respect of meeting occurrence body is unwell, like palpitation, bosom acid of frowsty, waist, abdominal distension, accept is differred etc. So, old people wakes early insomnia nots allow to ignore, should not regard normal phenomenon as more.
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