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Insomnious complication 50% concern with mental disease
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In our country's at present numerous insomnia patient, 85 % companion sends other disease, among them 50% concern with mental disease. The expert of 100 Morpheus of countrywide that Fan Dongsheng of professor of internal medicine of assistant dean of the 3rd hospital, nerve is in Beijing University to will be held on March 20 is large on the net afore-mentioned information were provided on press conference of justice examine activity.

Fan Dongsheng says, insomnious symptom is the important symptom before depressed disease, angst disease happens, perforative at patient of depressed disease, angst disease of whole course of diseases from beginning to end. The epidemiology investigation 2003 shows, the symptom of the woman that there are 61.2 % in depressed disease patient, male presence insomnia of 68.6% . Meanwhile, insomnia also is one of main factors that cause depressed angst mood. Recently a research discovery that is aimed at patient of 216 chronic insomnia, the patient of 46% is diagnosed to be mental obstacle, among them depressed obstacle is most common. And another be aimed at 1200 patients nearly 4 years along with visit research criterion clew, insomnious patient happens in spent depressed relatively dangerous sex to increase 4 times than someone else.

Insomnia still is lived by the patient's located society environment, job the influence of a lot of element such as the characteristic. Fan Dongsheng points out, adolescent hits game, white-collar to stay up late all night work overtime wait for undesirable habit, cause Morpheus function possibly disorder, or it is to make cross sexual insomnia development to be long-term and chronic insomnia. Hospital of Beijing University people breathes division Morpheus center Dr. Han Fang to say, the doctor is in when examining the patient that contracts the Morpheus disease such as insomnia, besides the illness, whether to often need to be away on official business in the marital status that asks a patient in detail even, job, work overtime wait for a problem, so that be treated to disease better.