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Morpheus is bad to also rise " general abdomen "
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Because middleaged person takes exercise rarely wait for a reason, the body begins grow stout, the abdomen that cock comes to, although have " general abdomen " good name, but this encumbrance however

Make a person vexed quite.

Genetics of group of Chinese academy of medical sciences and director of lab of prevention and cure Professor Gu Dongfeng says: "The grow stout of middleaged person has a lot of factors, sleep among them

Mian is bad it is a main reason.
In the information age that social high speed runs, middleaged person falls in the double pressure of the life and job, cannot get good Morpheus at all, of Morpheus quality fall

Low bring about human body endocrine disorder, form a heart and vessels ill, diabetic wait for a lot of diseases, add middleaged person to be lacked generally take exercise, then the figure also leaves

Only then go out of form. Only then go out of form..

Chairman of Chinese Morpheus seminar, Beijing assist with the hospital breathing division director Professor Huang Xizhen points out: The key that decides quality of Morpheus of a person is deep

Mian phase, deep Mian time is less, those who decide human body grows is hormonal secrete less also, the body is light go out of form. "General abdomen " from some kind of Cheng

Degree go up for, also be be not worth because of Morpheus and rise.

So, how to improve Morpheus effectively, where is the time that extends deep Mian phase?

National sports total bureau Yang Zeyi of sports medicine institute's researcher refers from the angle of sports medicine analyse: Love middleaged friend of insomnia, sleep

A few right amount activities can be done to raise body temperature before becoming aware, realize good Morpheus. If canter, do hold, shadowboxing and take a walk etc is promotion

The method of temperature, wash the hot bath with an appropriate temperature again, such, your Morpheus quality should be met have definite improvement. Morpheus is good, morpheus is good,,

General abdomen " also get control and narrowing with respect to hopeful.